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Based upon a true story of a courageous couple and their three children escaping the Russian communists during the 1956 Hungarian revolution. The Eleventh Arrow not only captures the essence of the time period, but also gives readers a glimpse at Hungarian history.

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If it were not for the men, women and children who fought in the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, Hungary would not be the independent country it is today. First read about Hungary’s past in order to understands Hungary’s present and future.

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Today marks the 61st Anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution

Today being the 61st anniversary to the Hungarian Revolution is the perfect time to read up about the heroic people who fought against communism for a free and better country. Because of this revolution, decades later when communism fell, the Hungarian people are now allowed to live peaceful, free lives.

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The Eleventh Arrow’s Brings You Herend Porcelain

After escaping to America, the family of the Eleventh Arrow met many Hungarians in the USA. Periodically these friends would go back to Hungary to visit their families and bring back treasures  from their homeland. The biggest treasure they would seek out was Herend porcelain.  Continue reading