Hungary, Anniversary-of-the-treaty-of-trianon

This is what Hungary looked like before the Treaty of Tranion.

The Treaty of Trianon was the peace agreement on June 4th 1920 which formally ended World War I. between most of the Allies and the Kingdom of Hungary. As a result, Hungary lost the 2/3 of its territories and people.

Count Albert Apponyi arrived to the negotiations with later Prime Ministers Istvan Bethlen and Pal Teleki. The latter presented his famous “Red map”, which marked the territories of Hungarian majority with red. However, the delegation was placed under house arrest, and they couldn’t participate in the conference. Apponyi could tell his famous plea after the closing of the negotiations. Finally, he signed the treaty on June 4 1920.

The book The Eleventh Arrow is about freedom fighters in the 1956 Hungarian Revolution.  This book mentions how  a country fights against terrorism, ends up losing much of it’s land to the people who support terrorism.

If you would like to read more about this atrocity click the link below.


95th anniversary of the Treaty of Trianon Read more at:


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