The Eleventh Arrow’s Brings You Herend Porcelain

After escaping to America, the family of the Eleventh Arrow met many Hungarians in the USA. Periodically these friends would go back to Hungary to visit their families and bring back treasures  from their homeland. The biggest treasure they would seek out was Herend porcelain.  As a child I imagined it as a conquest of Hungary. Families would bring back the most beautiful pieces of Herendi. The Szilagyi family, The Palcsiks, the Toths, and the Semegi family all had the most beautiful collections Herend could offer.

Queen Victoria of England, loved Herendi porcelain. The factory named one of the beautiful patterns after the queen.

The Herend Porcelain Factory is actually located in a village called Herend near Veszprém. I once toured the factory and I can tell you, I thought it was huge. They had so many beautiful pieces of porcelain, as far as the eye could see. I met one of the talented painters who was using her skillful hands while she talked to me. “The secret” she told me, “is to make sure your Herend has a stamp on the bottom of the item.”

The collectors will tell you, never put a Herend next to any other kind of porcelain. Herend should never stand alone. You should always have a collection of Herend pieces. So today. The Eleventh Arrow brings you your collection.

Click on any picture to purchase your Herend today.

24 k gold Brown/Chocolate Puppies

This little cutie pie is called Frenchie Blue

And who can resists this Dog With A Shoe?

And this little Doggie Dazzle needs a new home. Perhaps yours?

If you would like to read about the 1956 Hungarian Revolution in kindle, book or audio form, press on the blue link below.


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