The Eleventh Arrow Brings you a Hungarian Table Cloth

The Eleventh Arrow brings you a Hungarian Table cloth that is a big hit in many Hungarian houses. Is your table lacking a beautiful table cloth? You may want to buy this Hungarian table cloth which is delicately hand embroidered. You can see the love and workmanship put into this table cloth. when I was growing up, my mother used to spend hours upon hours embroidering her tablecloths that she would put on our dinning room table. The most popular pattern used in Hungary today is the Kalocsai pattern. If you are looking for a little gift to give one of your Hungarian friends, this would be it. If you want to put a little Hungarian onto your own table, this would  be the one everyone should choose.

This 90 cm table cloth is square, but look how nicely it shows it’s pattern on a round table.

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If you are looking to learn more about the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. You may click on the link below to read the book The Eleven Arrow.